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Coffee With D Won’t Release On Schedule This Friday…Is The Censor Board To Blame?

The release of Vishal Mishra’s Coffee With D, a satire on an Arnab Goswami-modelled journalist(Sunil Grover)  going off to interview Dawood(played by Zakir Hussain) has hit an unexpected roadblock  in its release.

Apparently the film was  delayed  at the CBFC.It was viewed on Wednesday just two days before the release and 6 major cuts and deletions and two disclaimers  were ordered. Sources close to the film say the censor delay and the cuts made release impossible.

However sources at the censor board stoutly deny these allegations. “We received  the film for certification during the last week of December when there were a series of holidays and also a pile-up of films waiting to be  cleared for film festivals. We did clear Coffee With D the soonest. Unfortunately there were many unacceptable factors in the film. They had not even put anti-smoking disclaimers which we had to ask them to do.”

Another theory doing the rounds is that the film got delayed due to “threats’ by Dawood’s associates.

Sources say, Dangal,  not Dawood, is the real reason for Coffee With D being postponed.

“The film allegedly based on an encounter between journalist Arnab Goswami and Dawood Ibrahim couldn’t even get itself a few shows in every multiplex,” says the source.



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