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Colors, Be Happy The Kapil Sharma Show  Is A Disaster



The news that Colors, the channel that Kapil Sharma deserted, would like to hear is, Kapil’s new show on the rival channel Sony Entertainment, is a complete disaster. In spite of some terrific comic talent being brought in from the earlier show, The Kapil Sharma Show is so heavily bogged down by its laughter challenge that it ends up counting punch lines rather than creating them.

The problem is not so much with the content as with the treatment. All the comedians from the defunct Comedy Nights With Kapil are out to re-invent themselves while remaining true to their images from the show that  made them popular.

So the solution according to the new show,  is to have more of everything….more actors chest-thumping and back-slapping , more men dressed as women(man, what a drag!) , more scatological  humour.

In fact the toilet jokes stink. There are so many of them with Suresh Menon playing the manager of a public shauchalaya  that you feel Piku has finally reached counter-constipational nirvana. This gives him the freedom to prattle on potty till a pukey point.

At the centre of this unwieldy woefully uninspiring mess is Kapil Sharma, apna Kapil, trying hard to preserve his comic timing , blowing up the opportunity he had to return with a  show that carried his skills to a new level.

The Kapil Sharma Show seeks no new level of entertainment let alone atonement . It is happy to be smug .It basks in bilge expecting us to be thrilled that the show offers us what we have already in the earlier show , and with a lot more chutzpah earlier. Every actor in the Kapil Sharma Show seems to believe that viewers were holding their breath to see them return in avatars that cleverly circumvent legal attention from Colors for replicating the original characters from Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Everyone on The Kapil Sharma Show is too busy feeling smug and content at having come to the new show without forsaking the old. Even Navjot Singh Sidhu looks tired and bored with the washed-out jokes and gags.

Sorry. But this is nothing but more of the same thing that we saw on Colors for two years.

But before Colors laughs and cheers about Kapil’s failed attempt at revamped comedy, they should look at their one Comedy Nights With Krushna Abhishek.

It is an even bigger embarrassment than Kapil’s new show.Time to close down both.

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