Comedian Balraj Syal to host this week’s The Voice India Kids

&TV’s singing based reality show, The Voice India Kids Season 2 has almost reached its final leg.

The show has been displaying outstanding singing talents since beginning and the contestants have amazed the nation with their true singing talent. The upcoming episode will be no different in terms of talent, but there will be something new to the show. The upcoming episode will witness Balraj Syal as the host. Balraj, has always entertained viewers with his outstanding comic timing, and he will now be seen adding some fun flavours to the show.

The upcoming episode is Punjabi special, and hence Balraj will be seen making a dhamakedar entry on some hardcore Punjabi music. Talking about hosting one episode of the show, Balraj said “I have seen the previous season of Voice India Kids and I have always thought what an amazing experience it will be to host a kids reality show! The children are just amazing and they sing straight from their heart. Their spontaneous responses made it a lot of fun. I have worked with the channel in the past as well and it has always been a delight.”

He further added, “Also not many people know that I shot my first show on this set where I was the contestant and now visited the place again as a host. I would like to thank the channel for making me a part of this incredible journey.”

While you must be wondering where is Jay… he is very much a part of the show and has taken a short break due to his prior commitments.

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