Comedy Nights Live Dies A Quiet Death,Kapil Sharma Has The Last Laugh!

Amidst unsavoury accusations and delusional  statements on its own popularity,Comedy Nights Live came to an unsung unannounced end this weekend.

The show which aired every Sunday went  missing this weekend and was replaced by the other comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao which struggles for survival.

While official sources from the Channel Colors maintained a tightlipped stance on the abrupt exeunt of Comedy Night Live, unofficial sources blame the falling TRPs for the cancellation of Comedy Night Live.


“Ever since Comedy Nights With Kapil was replaced by Comedy Nights Live , the weekend comedy slot on Colors has been suffering a slump.The problem was, the two different shows Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live on two consecutive weekend nights on Colors struggled to establish their individual identity and failed miserably because both the shows featured the same comedians. The other problem  was , Abhishek Krushnafocused more on bitching about Kapil’s show than in improving the two shows that he was given to helm,” says a source close to the Channel.

Even now when Comedy Nights Live has gone off air Krushna accused Kapil Sharma’s team  of “spreading rumours” suggesting that guests did not wish to appear on Krushna’s ‘roast’ show Comedy Nights Bachao.

A member of Kapil Sharma’s team smirks, “We are busy shooting.We do not have time to look anxiously over our shoulder at what others are doing and which guests are coming on others’ shows.”

In fact Hrithik Roshan who is promoting his forthcoming film Mohenjo Daro on various channels confirmed that he won’t be appearing on Comedy Nights Bachao and will be seen only on the Kapil Sharma Show.

Earlier Akshay Kumar also decided to stay away from Comedy Nights Bachao.

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