Comedy Touches All-Time Low With Tanmay Bhat’s Video Ridiculing Lata Mangeshkar


Here is an open letter by Subhash K Jha to Tanmay Bhat

Dear Tanmay Bhat

We  Indians are a funny people. We don’t know how to laugh at ourselves.Thank God for All India Bak…d! Professional laugh raisers like you have taught us to giggle and guffaw at our own failings and to make fun of people who are far more accomplished than us.

Thank you for that. It is with great expectations that we look towards comic virtuosos such as the esteemed members of All India Back..d(excuse the asterisks, old school, you know) for stress-busting laughter.

But there’s one thing we foolish Indians never laugh about. And that’s religion. And Lata Mangeshkar in this country is a religion. Her songs have not only defined existential beauty and divine dynamics for more than sixty years, they have provided sustenance for the soul  and nourishment  for the spirit for millions of  Indians across the world.

I know you will laugh when  I say this. But Lataji’s voice heals the hurt,repairs the wounded and rectifies all that is wrong in the world.

If you are not a Lata bhakt—and going by what you done to her, you obviously are not—you won’t understand what her voice means to us. Man,when she sings she converses with divinity.

These thoughts haunted me as I watched in growing horror your  spoof-video showing a mock-conversation between Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar over the merits and demerits of Virat Kohli’s cricketing skills.

I couuldn’t watch the thing after a  few seconds. My stomach was churning, my head was spinning. I was nauseated.

I am sure your fans , the same ones who clapped and cheered when you did your infamous ‘roast’ with KaranJohar some months ago, are delighted by the devilish desecration of two human institutions Lata Mangeshkarand Sachin Tendulkar, in one swipe.

Why do these things? Is it rewarding , financially or emotionally, to mock the pillars of our society?

I am not too sure of how it is amusing to poke fun at an 84-year old living legend’s  looks,her songs and her age. But I am sure you know better. We are a generation hopelessly  and unquestioningly devoted to the Singing Goddess. We worship every word she sings, cherish every syllable she utters.

I know you’ll say it’s all in fun. And hey, let me tell you, even Lataji has a terrific sense of humour. But we don’t ridicule the Gods. And she is more than  a God. She is a religion. Next time try poking fun at a less tolerant sect of idol-worshippers.Try making fun of high-profile politician preferably from the ruling regime. And see who has the last laugh.

Yours disappointedly

Subhash K Jha

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