Composer Amit Trivedi On His Very Cool Bonding With  Gauri Shinde, And More

They created durably dynamic music in Gauri Shinde’s directorial debut English Vinglish. Now music composer Amit Trivedi is back with Gauri doing the amazingly expressive music soundtrack  of Dear Zindagi.

Amit who is very particular about the filmmakers he works with, finds Gauri’s insistence on original sounds very reassuring .Earlier Amit has had huge differences of opinion with the likes of Anurag Kashyap and VikasBehl for incorporating derivative sounds in Bombay Velvet and Shaandaar, respectively

Says Amit appreciatively, “If I don’t connect with the director or  the theme I say no to the
project.If I take on something I don’t believe in it would be unfair to the filmmaker and his project. So I try to avoid what I don’t  believe in.Gauri is a very honest and a genuine filmmaker.that reflects in every aspect offilmmaking.she would never compromise on her aesthetic sensibility for any unwanted that quality of hers.And I  love Gauri’s creative vision.She is one of the finest filmmakers I have worked with..she is a very cool bonding with her is very pal like.It is always  a pleasure to work with her and we connect very well creatively.”

Initially the much loved title song in Dear Zindagi was hard to compose. But Amit got down to it with Gauriand the lyricist, “Yes, it was difficult to crack the initial idea.But after jamming for sometime when (lyricist)Kausar Munir, Gauri, (producer. Filmmaker) Balki and I were on the same page it was easy to execute the song”

Commenting in the quality  of present day music Amit Trivedi says, “I don’t listen to much of what is going on. I do hear Bollywood  songs playing at clubs and on television. But honestly, it does  nothing tome. I don’t pay attention to the current songs.”

Amit feels the potential for music in our cinema is not being tapped properly. “I don’t know why we are not tapping the full potential of  music and songs in our films. I am doing my best. As for other composers ,I can’t talk for them.
Has  the era of  lip-sync songs in Hindi films ended?

Amit ponders over that one.Then observes, “If you look at the history of our music from the 1930s all the best
songs were lip-synced.To this day unless a hero or heroine lip-syncs a  song we don’t take it seriously.If it’s not lip-sync it is considered a background cinema.Contemporary songs drive the narrative forward. In a sensitive realistic film like Udaan it’d have looked really awkward and weird. Sensibilities have changed. You can’t show your characters singing
unless she’s a singer like Anushka in Bombay Velvet.I love doing what I do. But yes it’s struggle to remain true to myself.”


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