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Controversial Film On Banaras Banned By The Tribunal



The controversial documentary Battle Of Banaras directed by Kamal Swaroop which chronicles  Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s candidature for the Lok Sabha from the Varanasi constituency where he fought elections against Arvind Kejriwal, and which had been refused a censor certificate by the Examining Committee of the Censor board Of Film Certification has been refused certification by the Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal(FCAT) as well.

This leaves this controversial documentary makers with no other recourse except to approach the courts.

Battle Of Banaras

Battle Of Banaras

In  its notification refusing certification for The Battle Of Banaras the FCAT  states, “After having viewed the film…we are of the opinion that the CBFC  was justified  in refusing to grant certification …for the reasons that the theme of the film  was full of hate/inflammatory speeches  given by all the political parties and it tries to divide people on caste and communal lines and derogatory remarks  have been made against individuals  the release of the film may cause not only communal  disharmony  but also disharmony  amongst the members of different castes and communities…the appeal is accordingly dismissed.”

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