Coolie No 1 In London,Ha Ha Ha

David Dhawan’s remake of Coolie No 1 is to be shot in London. Considering there are no porters in any station in London any longer, amd certainly none in uniform , one wonders how or why the new David Dhawan-Varun Dhawan collaborative effort is called Coolie No 1.

Sources close to the project say the film’s writer Rumi Jaffrey and director David Dhawan has done away with the ‘coolie’angle completely.

When I spoke to David he said, “Coolie No 1 was 25 years ago.Society has changed radically since then. How can we have the same situation in the new film?”
David admits Coolie No 1 will only take the core of the original plot and turn it into a completely different beast.

“There will be no coolie, no VT Station , in London or otherwise,” he laughs, drawing attention to “wild” stories of VT Station being recreated in London.

Another source explains, “It will be just the title (being used). Like Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan had nothing to do with any Khan(it starred Akshay Kumar). Sometimes a title is catchy and has great recall-value. So eventhough Varun Dawan will star in Coolie No 1 he won’t play a porter.”

Hopefully he will be ‘No 1’ after the film although not a coolie in the film.

The original plot is about a low-income coolie posing as a millionaire to woo a rich man’s daughter. The plot remains. The coolie goes.

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