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Covid Compassion: Has Salman Lowered The Price Of Radhe?



A Salman Khan starrer doesn’t  come cheap. The  going price is  anything from Rs 150 crores to  200 crores.The  Zee network , one hears,  were  supposed to pay close  to Rs 215 crores for  the exclusive streaming  rights  of Radhe: Your Most Wanted  Bhai  . But then Salman was  committed to releasing  the  Eid  presentation  in the  movie theatres. So  a bifurcated  theatre-OTT release  was  decided  upon.

However  in spite of  a scheduled release in movie theatres  in the countries and Indian states  were there is no  or partial lockdown ,  there  is  no real likelihood  of Radhe making  any substantial revenues in its theatrical release.

Trade experts have   predicted a  massive audience for  Radhe when it streams from noon May 13 on the Zee platform.  The  rush to catch Salman’s Eid release is  expected  to be massive.

And yet one hears  from  sources in the know, Salman has offered  the Zee network a  substantial  discount  , of  5-6 crores.

An informed  source  reveals, “This is in keeping with  the current Covvid crisis.The  country is reeling under  a recession and Salman feels everyone needs to  be fiscally sensitive.”

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