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Cow Vigilantes Chanting  ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Ordered Out Of Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkaabaaz



Anurag Kashyap has gone on-record to proclaim his latest film Mukkaabaaz to be the  cleanest  “family” film he has ever  made.

​And  sure enough the censor board ​has  pass​ed ​it without​ any  visual ​cuts.​However the  Examining  Committee of  the  CBFC  had  reservations about a sequence  to do with cow vigilantism. Kashyap took the  film to the  Revising Committee where  the sequence  was  passed with ​one  audio cut.

Says a source, “A  chant  of  ‘Jai Shri Ram’ has been  ordered  out of the  scene  of cow vigilantism. Otherwise the  film has been passed  with a ‘UA’ and  no other cuts.”​

​This  is  a first for Kashyap  who has fought many  long hard battles with the  CBFC. On hearing  of the new revamped clean wholesome  family-oriented Kashyap, former  CBFC chairperson  Pahlaj Nihalani exclaimed,  ‘Wah! Kitna badal gaya insaan!! (how the man has changed). I can’t believe  this  is  the same Anurag Kashyap who couldn’t stop abusing me  for toning down the language and  violence in his cinema.I guess he has reformed. May he continue to  make films that  don’t have  to  fight  it out with the CBFC. Jai Shri Ram!”

​Incidentally Mukkaabaaz has been passed with a ’15’ rating by the British  censor board which  means the film is  not suited to children  under 15 in the UK. In India with its ‘UA’ censor certificateMukkaabaaz is open to children provided  they are accompanied  by an  adult.​

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