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Crisis Averted:  Force 2 Cuts Revoked

Producer Vipul Shah Gets A Helping Hand From Censor Chief

It looks like the days when the  censor board and film producers were at loggerheads is finally over.  Nowadays producers have actually begun to consult the CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani to find solutions to censorial hurdles.

On Monday producer Vipul Shah the co-producer of  Force 2 was locked in a meeting with Pahlaj Nihalani to find a solution to the cuts suggested by the CBFC.

At the end  of the discussion the problem was duly resolved.

Says  Vipul appreciatively, “Pahlajji sorted out the problem for us. He was very co-operative and went out of his way to help us out. Now instead of the three cuts that were required earlier we were required to make only one cut, which we’ve no problem with. We’ve also been asked to put a disclaimer  at the beginning of the film. This too is fine by us.Our censor problems are resolved due to Pahlajji. He has been good to me.”



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