Culinary-Proof Shabana Azmi Gets Trolled For Food Faux Pas, Loves It

Shabana Azmi is having a hearty laugh at her own expense. On Thursday while holidaying  with four gal pals in  Florence, Shabana posted a picture of  a bowl of what she described as “upma”.

Trollers soon discovered the “upma” was actually  “poha” and had a  field day at the distinguished actress’ expense.

Shabana  can’t stop laughing. “My ignorance  about matters related to the kitchen and  cooking is legendary.I haventstopped laughing,  it was hilarious!Trollers have been at it since morning. I was sent  a photo of roti with caption and this is a pizza, a  photo of Zoya with and how cute is Farhan looking, etc ! A photo of Smita Patil telling me  I am the troller’s favourite actress. How nice to be trolled in a light vein!”

In the meanwhile Shabana is having a  ball with her gal pals in Italy. “ I’m doing everybody’s beds and ironing clothes . I am strictly not allowed to go into the kitchen. Roopa is the joker.Ketki goes “Listen to me please”.Bharti checks everything on the net and yet asks where the Piazza is when she is standing on it .She had done the same when  she  was standing on the London Bridge.Anuradha is quietly assertive .Neither Parna, my closest friend for 30 years, and I understands  history or geography so we are happy being herded along. When they start taking me too much for granted I speak about one of  my internal colleagues  from cineama. They get chastised for a bit and start ignoring me again soon after.What to do!”

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