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Dabangg3: Would Salman Take Credit For Editing? Prabhudheva Clarifies



By now everyone  who works with Salman Khan knows he is in it the whole hog. Salmanoversees every project he is cast in. He has a say in the casting, music, direction, editing and marketing. That’s  the  package deal which even  Prabhudheva  can’t escape.

Prabhudheva  who  directs  Salman in two back-to-back  projects Dabangg 3  and Radhe has happily “allowed”(not that Prabhu had any  choice in the matter)  Salman to  sit on the editing of  Dabangg 3.

A  source  very close  to the  development reveals, “Almost every shot of Dabangg 3  is edited  by Salman. He should definitely take credit  for editing.”

With   Salman  cutting the film in the way he  wants, we wonder the  film’s official editor RiteshSoni  was  doing.

Prabudheva  doesn’t deny Salman’s  interference…sorry participation. “Every  major star  likes to be fully involved with  the  process  of making a film. It is no longer about  going into  the van once  ‘Cut’ is called. The  heroes  like to see and  know how the  shots are put together,” says Prabhudheva.

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