Dangal Director’s Filmmaker-Wife Rejoices

Filmmaker Ashwini Iyer Tiwari who earlier this year charmed us with her film Nil Battey Sannatta on female literacy , says  she is completely charmed by her husband filmmaker Nitesh Tiwary’s blockbuster Dangal.

Says  Ashwini, “I absolutely truly loved it. Having been aware of Dangal from the inception stage and seeing the process it truly makes me proud of Nitesh as a fellow filmmaker and his wife.”

The two filmmakers don’t only share a happy marriage they are also one another’s best critics.

In fact the caller-tune on Nitesh Tiwary’s phone is from His wife’s film Nil BatteySannatta.

Says Nitesh, “Dangal wouldn’t  have been possible without my wife. She is not just my pillar of strength but also my most honest and trusted critic. I don’t think I can make my films without knowing she’s there for me.”

Ashwini is now into her second directorial debut  Bareilly Ki Barfi with Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurrana . Though they are very close to one’e another’s creative domain the husband and wife never intervene in one another’s work, unless asked.

Says Ashwini, “Both of us have our own strengths and individuality. Of course we are each others discussion and brainstorming partners. We even work sometimes as an art copy team. We help each other with our strengths.But after that don’t interfere each others work and follow our own thinking patterns.”

Reminds us of another filmmaking couple R Balki and Gauri Shinde. Coincidentally both the pairs of spouses released film in 2016. R Balki and  Gauri Shinde directed Ki & Ka and Dear Zindagi, respectively, while Nitesh Tiwari and his wife Ashwini IyerTiwari triumphed with Nil Battey Sannatta and Dangal.

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