Dangal Gets An All Clear ‘U’

Nitish Tiwari’s  eagerly awaited film Dangal  with Aamir Khan in the lead is about wrestling. But  the director and his  producer Aamir Khan didn’t have to wrestle one bit with the censor board to get the film certified.

On Tuesday afternoon Dangal was granted an all-clear  ‘U’ certificate .

This, in essence, means that not a single audio or visual cut was ordered.

A source from the Censor Board Of Film Certification says, “We didn’t even have to weigh any pros and cons. We were unanimous in our decision that it should get a ‘U’ certificate without cut. Dangal is about the empowerment of the girl child. Not  only do we feel it should be seen by every man , woman and child we also feel it should be granted tax exemption so that more people would be able to watch it.”

With Dangal getting its censor certificate more than two weeks before release it’s got itself ample time for pre-release exposure.

Says a friend of Aamir Khan, “The film was complete in September. He is only waiting for December as Christmas is his chosen season of release. He began showing Dangalto friends from September. Now there will be plenty other trail shows and re-release screenings.Aamir is fully confident that Dangal will be  a winner.”

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