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Danny Denzongpa Heads For The Hills During Summer



Danny Denzongpa doesn’t shoot in summer. He is making an exception with his new project an adaptation  of the classic Rabindranath Tagore story Kabuliwala, and not only because it is an exceptional role.

“I agreed because they will be shooting in Ladakh. Right now I am home in the jungles of Sikkim. From here I’ll head for Ladakh for the shooting,”   says Danny.

Danny Denzongpa spends only four months of the year in Mumbai. For the rest of the year he heads for the hills in his hometown in Sikkim.

Speaking from Sikkim Danny says, “I’ven been following this practice of moving out of Mumbai during the summer and the monsoon  for years. The smog, fog and pollution get unbearable during these months. I think more of my friends in the Mumbai film industry need to head out of Mumbai during the summer.”

Danny doesn’t mind losing out on work inMumbai. “I never did too much work. And now because of my habit of staying out of Mumbai for a  major part of the year I do even less work. But it’s worth the sacrifice. The pollution in Mumbai is killing us all. There was a time when everyone migrated from the interiors to the cities. Now the time has come for folks in the city to head for the interiors.”

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