Dawood Does An Item Song For His Sister’s Film

This week Apoorva Lakhia began shooting for Haseena,his raw gritty bio-pic on Dawood Ibrahim’s Haseena Parkar with an item song featuring Siddhanth Kapoor

Says a source in the know, “It’s an incident out of Dawood’s early days , when after a successful mission Dawood and his men head to a dance bar, get drunk and break into a jig.”

Siddhanth Kapoor  who plays Dawood is said to be an “amazing dancer”,  just like his dad Shakti Kapoor.

“In fact they thought of making Dawood dance in the club sequence only after the director Apoorva Lakhia realized how well junior Kapoor danced. It will be the only light moment in the raw and tense film,” says the source.

Interestingly real-life siblings Shradha and Siddhanth Kapoor play Haseena Parkar andDawood  Ibrahim in Lakhia’s film.

Laughs Siddhant, “The number was a great deal of fun.I think we got all the ghaati(folksy) moves right.”

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