De De Pyar De Is Ajay Devgan’s Naughty-At-50 Screen Shot

What better gift for  Ajay Devgan on his  50th  birthday than  De De  Pyar De…The trailer was released on  Devgan’s birthday  on  2 April. And I really can’t think of a more opportune vehicle to cross 50.

In what could possibly  the  most well-timed  film release of all times,  Devgan plays a  50-year  man  Ashish who falls in love with  a  20-something  girl Ayesha who  comes across as remarkably  rude  in  the trailer.

When someone  comments that  Devgan’s wife played by the  ethereal  Tabu  doesn’t look her age, Rakul  playing the jealous girlfriend  retorts, “Oh  yes she does.”


My sympathies  for  the  wife.The fact that  Ayesha is played by Rakul  Preet Singh  who  is pitched against Tabu in the  film, does make  the  battle between  Devgan’s ‘current’ and  ‘ex’ seem unequal. I mean , which man in his right senses  would prefer  any woman  to Tabu?

Having said that,  the  trailer  just washes way all the misgivings as  it plunges into a  goofy bumpy rollicking  joyride forDevgan  as  he  embarks on  an affair that everyone  from his ex-wife(Tabu), to his father (Alok Nath) to his  mother(Madhumalti Kapoor) to his two grownup  children,  hate  .

Then there  is  Javed  Jaffrey as a shrink who nearly gets bashed up by Devgan for suggesting that he, Devgan, is just  an aging man with an overactive libido.

The sparks  fly  swiftly and  high in the  trailer  which crackles  with  humorous quips and  actors who know  their humour chops  well enough and wind their  funnybones around some  of  the  pithiest lines and  situations regarding a 50-plus man’s infatuation with a  woman half his age I have heard in  any film about  a mismatched alliance. Remember  MadhurBhandarkar’s  Dil  To Bachcha Hai ? 

When someone asks Devgan  in  the trailer  to name  mismatched couples  who have  been able to make  a success  of their  relationship he rattles  out, “Michael Douglas  and  Catherine Zeta-Jones George Clooney and  his wife and, ahem, Saif  and Kareena.”

Hopefully  we can add Priyanka and  Nick to that list in the  future. In  the meanwhile  a big thumbs up to producer-writer  Luv Ranjan and debutant  director Akiv Ali  .The trailer  of De De Pyar De lays out the  entire blueprint  of  the plot  in the  concise trailer and still leaving us hankering for  more.   

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