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Dear Anurag Kashyap, If You Think You Know Better Why Don’t You Try Politics?

Self-styled revolutionary filmmaker  and Bollywood ’s resident renegade’s latest tweet rant, drunken or otherwise, doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been at the receiving end of some of his vilest mail and tweets .I’ve kept them all for use at a later date .

Kashyap usually picks harmless victims for vilification .If you hit back he recoils. If you don’t he gets more aggressive. Just like the army from Pakistan. This  time he has taken on a formidable adversary. By asking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologize for his sudden unexpected visit to Pakistan in December, Kashyapdisplays not only a characteristic arrogance but also an embarrassing naivete.

Kashyap’s logic, for whatever it may be worth, is his logic. He shows a sneering disdain for convention,even at the risk of sounding dangerously unbalanced.He thinks the Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan is in  hindsight a condonable act of generosity only if  Kashyap’s friend Karan Johar gesture of signing a Pakistani actor for AeDil Hai Mushkil  is overlooked as a blast from the past.

Just what gives Kashyap the right to equate a grave cross-border crisis with a casting faux pas in a Bollywood film?

Kashyap and the other champions of KJo’s right to work with the enemy country’s talent bank argue that KaranJohar did not know relations between the two countries would deteriorate by the time he  completed his film.Kashyap forgets that the Prime  Minister’s December visit to Pakistan was a move to slow down the deterioration in the relations between the two countries. If it wasn’t for gestures of goodwill from this side, the two countries would have been at war  long ago.

Kashyap’s brand of  artistry presumes that filmmakers like him are exempted from rules of politics and governance simply because  his work is somehow more refined and aesthetic than , say, a soldier’s duties at the border or a banker’s responsibilities towards the Indian economy. Kashyap’s style of arrogant functioning is evident in the quality of his films : dark subversive contumacious, obstinately non-conformist.

His is a cinema of  isolation and non-assimilation, and in sharp contrast to the cinema of inclusiveness thatMehboob Khan and Sunil Dutt so beautifully practised. Sunil Dutt not only made extremely nationalistic films like Mujhe Jeene Do and Reshma Aur Shera he also took his artistes to the border to entertain jawans.

Forget about entertaining soldiers  Kashyap’s films can’t entertain anyone.Not one of his film so far(barring maybe Dev D) has made any money.Yet his heat bleeds for a fellow-filmmaker whose money is likely to be lost in the cross-border crisis. Kashyap  can only think  of playing the Angry Outraged Artiste at a time when we are facing the worst crisis in IndoPak relations. He thinks it’s okay to overlook the Pakistani presence in KaranJohar’s film because it happened in the past. Kashyap doesn’t get the point. The current deadlock in IndoPakrelations is not about a Karan Johar or  a Fawad Khan.

It is about the nations’s dignity. But a self-obsessed filmmaker drunk on the power to revolutionize Indian cinema cannot be bothered with anything beyond selfinterest.Jai Hind.


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