Dear Jacqueline, Please Don’t Dance To Songs That Celebrate Your ‘Booty’

Dear Ms Fernandez,
I  know you love dancing.And we love to see you dance. You are now a judge on a popular dance show where you dish out gyan on the contestants’  moves.It’s a big responsibility. It’s therefore imperative to be very very careful with your public conduct.
I was dismayed to see your new song and dance  from a new super-hero film where you and you co-star are celebrating your ‘booty’.
Some would probably think booty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And they are right.Thorough gentlemen that they are, lots of  adolescents  teenagers  and other stimulated souls will be looking at your booty . And not in any aesthetic way.
Because you asked for it.
Ms Fernandez, I don’t know whether you know this. But just the other day a mother and daughter accompanied by male members of the family were gangraped by  road bandits in Bulundshahr. Do you know where Bulundshahr  is? And do you know where Bareilly is? It’s a small fiercely patriarchal city in UttarPradesh.
45 girls in Bareilly have stopped going to school. They were sick and tired of being sexually harassed day after day.
I am not suggesting that you and your songs are responsible for such devastating outrage against women.You cannot stop female illiteracy. But you can help check cases of sexual outrage by simply saying no to songs and dances which celebrate voyeurism.
 What I am saying is that a song where your ‘booty’ is italicized to the point of unmistakable emphasis is telling the world it’s okay to ogle gawk at women and hanker for their body.
This must stop. And women and men from the entertainment industry who are looked up to, must stop this shameful objectification of a woman’s anatomy.
Thank you
Subhash K Jha

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