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Dear Ms Vani Kapoor, If This Is Not Provocation, What Is?



Vani Kapoor  who is  the inhouse  heroine of Yash Raj Film(all her 5  film so far are Yash Raj Productions) was  a target  of terrifying trolling earlier week after she  wore  a  low-cut top with ‘Ram’ written on  it.

Or, perhaps  the word  ‘target’ is inaccurate , as the  whole point of  using a  religious  inscription to  appear  boldly fashionable is  to invite the wrath  of  the radicals.And  why just radicals? The  cleavage-revealing top with  ‘Ram’ written  on it is  objectionable  to any rational human being.You can’t play around with  religious sentiments. It amounts to flirting with danger.This may be Ms  Kapoor’s way of getting noticed.  But it is dangerous, subversive  and highly  inappropriate.

A  prominent spokesperson  of  the  film industry says,  “I  don’t want to say anything openly since  it would  only give  this lady  more  publicity. But  would she dare  to wear  something  similar with ‘Allah’ written  on  it? The  whole idea  is to stir up a controversy. But we  live in  dangerous times.  Gaining  attention by  inciting  religious sentiments  can  be very harmful.”

Vani Kapoor who started  off as  the second lead in  Yash Raj Films’ Shudh Desi Romance  quickly graduated  to playing  Ranveer Singh’s lead in the Parisian  fiasco Befikre. Recently she  figured  in the  Yash Raj blockbuster  War.  She will next  be seen in  Yash Raj’s Shamsher with  Ranbir  Kapoor.

Producer Aditya Chopra who clearly has  a lot  of faith in  Ms Kapoor’s talent,  should counsel  her to rein-in  her enthusiasm .Wearing your religion  on  your heart is fine. But she doesn’t  have to be so blatant  about it.

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