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Before His Death Dev Anand Planned A Sequel To Hare Rama Hare Krishna

I remeber when Dev Anand had tured 88 he   got himself an I-Phone for his birthday .

In his infectiously enthusiastic way he announced  the sequel to Hare Rama Hare Krishna which was to  bring back the  character that Dev Saab played in the original…40 years after it first appeared.

Apparently the character would have aged by less than a decade in the sequel, as the story moves forward.  The hunt was on for what the evergreen superstar describes as “a woman of today, trendy savvy with-it and attractive.”

Revealed Dev Saab, “I have the script for Hare Rama Hare Krishna Aaj which takes forward the story of the earlier film. It is not  a remake ofHare Rama Hare Krishna. I don’t believe in remakes. I believe in moving forward. Every scene every character except mine would  be new. If Dev Anand played Prashant in 1971 he will play Prashant in 2012 as well.”

He confessed he started  thinking of his next film even before he completes a film. “If you want to define Dev Anand, it would be to be as ‘restlessness’. While I am making a film I am totally consumed by it. But yes, a part of my mind moves to the next project.”

I  asked him what  his  his birthday wishes were, and  the inimitable Dev Saab quips, “I don’t make wishes. I make them come true. I go with exactly what I want to do.It’s an ongoing process. As long as I  feel creative and as long as I feel there’re some people who want to watch my films I’ll continue to make them.”

“If I’m not as enthusiastic about my new film then I’ve no business making it. The very fact that I’ve picked up the responsibility of directing another film proves I’ve the energy for it. The day I don’t, I won’t make any more films. My audience, my fans are my source of energy. I need my fans’ good wishes gives me my energy,”said  Dev Saab.

We ended  the ebullient conversation with Dev Saab’s message for his fans. “I love my fans and seek their good wishes all the time. The younger generations is so clued in, so huge in mind and impact. As they connect with me I feel my batteries being recharged. Some of the most remarkable minds of the world stay in our country.And I give them my love and good wishes. Continue to see my films.”



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