5th October 2020

Death On The Nile Has Sex On Its Mind

Actor –director  Kenneth Branagh’s  adaptation of  the classic Agatha Christie whodunit Death On The Nile is  a steamy version of  the Christie novel with lots of  love-making scenes featuring the three very goodlooking actors Armie Hammer, Gal Gadot and  Emma Mackay.

 In fact Hammer who  recently separated  from his wife, is said to have gone as far  with Wonder Woman  Ms Gadot in the love-making sequences as Hammer did with his co-star  Timothee Chalamet in Call  Me By Your Name.

 Clearly  the erotic whodunit will  have a tough time getting  by  the censor board in India . And that’s bad news for  our own Ali Fazal who plays one of the prime suspects  in the  gruesome murder on board a luxury  ship cruising down the Nile.

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This is  Ali’s  big-ticket ride to global  eminence. Not too many Indian actors get to  co-star with Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot. And never  mind  if the focus  of interest would clearly be the  goodlooking couple.


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