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Deepak Tijori’s Wife Finally Replies To His Bizarre Claims That His Wife Is Not His Wife!!!



Married  for 22 years , it took actor-director Deepak Tijori that long to figure out that his wife Shivani is not his wife!!!

In a bizarre and embarrassing  PDA (public display of anger) Deepak claims his marriage to his wife is invalid since she had never divorced her first husband.

Friends of the couple are aghast at Deepak’s outrageous claims.

One of their common friends speaks in Shivani’s defence, “Shivani never his her first marriage. After she married Deepak, Shivani was always a very devoted wife. In fact when some years you ago, you will remember he got into a legal scuffle with his housing society Shivani handled the media , the lawyers and the housing society. She was as protective as a lioness safeguarding her lair.Now when their marriage has gone wrong—for reasons that we won’t like to discuss except to say that Shivani is not to blame—he wants to wriggle  out of the responsibility of supporting his wife and 20-year old daughter?!! Forget supporting them, he thought up this ingenious plan  of proving his wife is not his wife just so that she can move out of their home.”

The outraged friend  adds, “It’s specially upsetting to see him behave this way at a time when his 20-year old daughter is all set to make her Bollywood  debut. He should be thinking of her, not of himself. This is utterly selfish callous and shameful behaviour.”

Shivani who has so far kept mum for the sake of their daughter finally spoke up  to say, “My Husband of 2- plus years and the father of our young daughter Mr Deepak Tijori has crossed all limits and  has over-stepped the domains of decency, morality, sensitivity, sensibility and above all even the premises of every legality. Even   though it seems that he has resorted to washing personal linen in public and clandestinely spoken to the media, tactfully giving everyone the impression that he has not done so, I choose not to speak at all, since I would not want to be committing any wrong like him or anyone that has presented distorted and biased facts to the media  simply because the matter between us is sub judice and legitimately and safely enshrined in the chaste temples of The Honourable Courts.”

Shivani who is currently in Delhi adds, “As an honest and responsible litigant, I have nothing to hide or fear, and I am duty-bound to let The Honourable Judiciary decide and determine upon the facts in the matter between us. I have tremendous and absolute faith, confidence and trust in The Honourable Judiciary which is the most impartial, transparent and benevolent body ultimate and which never pays any credence to anything but the truth and therefore I am positive that, truth and only truth shall prevail.”

I tried several times to contact  the normally-accessible Deepak Tijori. He remained unavailable for comment. I can only hope that he will end this utterly shameful attempt to besmirch a wife who has stood by him for 22 years.

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