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Deepika Demands Titular Role, Control Over Script



The spectacular success of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padamaavat seems to have done strange things to Deepika Padukone’s selfworth.

She now feels she is only good to play author-backed title roles and at a remuneration that she thinks she deserves, which is more than what the leading man gets and three more than what other topnotch heroines make.

“Sari Bhansali ki ghalati hai(it’s all Bhansali’s fault), ” says a young director. “After Padmaavat Deepika thinks she is far above the rat race. She will only entertain the topnotch producers and directors and only if they come to her with the author-backed title role.She also wants creative control over the script.”

The end-result is there for all to see. Deepika has outpriced herself from the movie market .Her marketing team has to resort to false stories about her role acquisition(Deepika doing a desi super-hero film is one such flight of fantasy).

We suggest Deepika come down to earth. Every Friday is not Padmaavat.And every role can’t be as glorious.

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