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Deepika Hints At A  Relationship With Vin Diesel…Shouldn’t Ranveer Be Offended?

 The very beautiful Deepika Padukone made her debut on American television on the very prestigious Ellen Degeneres Show on January 27. Unlike our other posh Bollywood  import to Hollywood Priyanka Chopra, Degeneres didn’t make Deepika take shots of tequila before the interview.

And  yet Deepika behaved as though she was drunk.How else do we explain her sadly misplaced zeal to be linked with her XXX costar?

Reacting to Degeneres’ question on rumours of a link-up with Vin Diesel , Deepika smiled mischievously and said, “Well, there is no smoke without fire, is there?”  Deepika then got all smoky and fiery and proceeded to tell us how in her “head” she is in a relationship with Vin Diesel and has “amazing babies” with him.

The statements smacking of a new-colonial servility has Bollywood  in a stage of giggly disapproval.

One of her senior female colleagues succinctly summed up the situation. “If she is really in a relationship with Ranveer Singh I’d like to ask her , would she like it if Ranveer spoke about having babies with a female costar? And would she speak about any male co-star from India in the same way? Matlab ke, Hollywood hai Vin Diesel hai toh kuch bhi chalega?”

A cautious filmmaker who has worked with Deepika says, “Why this desperation to woo the West?’



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