Deepika Padukone Chooses To Play Acid Victim Rather Than Female Gangster

It’s  Meghna  Gulzar rather than Vishal Bhardwaj for  Deepika Padukone.  By agreeing  to  play the acid attack victim Laxmias her next role,  Deepika has made it very clear that she   is working with Meghna and not Meghna’s close family-friend Vishal Bhardwaj.

 Vishal  was to direct Deepika in a true-life story  of female gangster titled Sapna Didi. But the  film’s leading man Irrfan fell seriously ill and the project was “indefinitely  postponed”

 But now, sources say  , Sapna  Didi has been shelved.

“It’s much too late for  Sapna Didi now and Deepika has moved on. She  finds Meghna’s script on the acid victim Laxmi far more relevant and  interesting,” says  the source.

It remains to be seen how this role-swap affects  Meghna and Bhardwaj’s relationship. While the  former  is  the  much-revered Gulzar’s biological daughter  the latter  is like his son.Vishal treats  Meghna  like his younger sister.

“The fact that Deepika has picked Meghna over Bhardwaj will definitely prick his ego,” says  a source.The setback for Bhardwaj comes at a time when his latest  film Pataakha has bombed miserably at the  boxoffice.

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