Did Deepika Padukone To Host Vin Diesel ​In India​

A rather misguided section of the American press may feel Deepika Padukone to be a  “Bollywood Blunder”. But the Bajirao beauty has certainly made an impression on her XXX co-star Vin Diesel .

Diesel , we hear, is now heavily into  Bollywood , India and Indian spirituality. For Diwali he recorded a Diwali message in Hindi with Deepika for his Indian fans.

And now she has convinced her superstar-costar to come to India  for the Indian premiere of  XXX: The Return Of The Xander  when it opens in January 2017.

Viacom 18, the massive corporate production house which has produced the film plan an enormous Indian welcome for Vin Diesel.

“Deepika will be Vin Diesel’s unofficial  host during his Indian visit, just as Anil Kapoorhosted  Tom Cruise when the latter came to India for Mission Impossible,” informs a source.

So enamoured is  Diesel  of all things Indian that in his new release, Ang Lee’s war film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk he is heard quoting from the Bhagvat Gita.

Says a source, “Deepika and Diesel spend a lot of time discussing India, Bollywood and Hindu mysticism. It is no coincidence that he quotes from the Bhagvat Gita in AngLee’s  new  film. Deepika is playing the part of India’s goodwill ambassador in Hollywood.”

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