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Deepika, Siddhanth On Gehraiyaan: A Showcase For Deepika’s Unvarnished Dark-Web  Identity




By Karan Johar’s standards the emotions on display in the spot-on  trailer  of  Gehraiyaan, are pretty hefty. Shedding his  fluffy image  Karan here goes for the kill. This  is  story  of entangled messy feelings, knots  and  tangles that won’t unravel easily. I  want to see what director  Shakun Batra does with these  four  messed-up lives .

Deepika  plays Alisha Khanna, 30, ambitious, who now finds herself at a crossroads in life. Her six- year long relationship with Karan(Dhairya Karwa)  has grown monotonous, her career seems to be hitting a lot of roadblocks and just when she had begun to accept this reality as unchangeable, her life is usurped by the arrival of her cousin, Tia(Ananya Pandey)  and her fiancé, Zain(Siddhant Chaturvedi), with whom she bonds over a troubled past and a common wish to break from its confines. The story charts the journey of Alisha and Zain, as they confront the ghost of their past on the path they take to avoid it.

One can see Deepika has  pulled out all stops, as  she  doesn’t shy away from her character’s intimacy with  her cousin’s fiance.

Speaking about the film, Deepika Padukone said: “Alisha, my character in Gehraiyaan is extremely close to my heart and certainly one of the most challenging characters I have portrayed on screen. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to play a role that was fun and challenging at the same time. Each of the characters’ struggles and arcs are real, raw and relatable. Our endeavour is to take viewers on a journey they will relate to. When it comes to dealing with relationships and human emotion, Shakun is truly a master of his craft. With Gehraiyaan, again, he has woven a story that will appeal to all and I am thrilled that along with Amazon Prime Video we are able to take this story to audiences worldwide.”

Says  Siddhant  Chaturvedi,  “In a manner, this seems like coming back home to me.I started my journey as an actor with Amazon Prime Video and now Gehraiyaan, a film I am so incredibly proud of will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime Video! I feel there is a little bit of Zain in all of us. His ambition, aspiration, passion for his dreams and his struggles when faced with tough choices are all extremely relatable. For each of us, Gehraiyaan is a movie that is all soul and heart, and I am thrilled that the movie will premiere to a global audience across 240 countries and territories.”

Ananya Panday said: “Shooting with the wonderful cast and crew of Gehraiyaan has been an absolute highpoint for me and I never wanted the shoot to end! There’s a certain realness to the story of Gehraiyaan; while the film dives into the complexity of relationships it also talks about the thrill of being in love, of discovering oneself and charting ones’ path. Tia has been one of my favourite characters to play and the way Shakun has dealt with the modalities of each character and has brought out the best in every one of us in his unique way is amazing. I am so glad that the audience can enjoy the film on Amazon Prime Video in India and across the world. I look forward to the reactions and conversations!.”

Dhariya Karwa said: “It is every actor’s dream to have their work reach out to the widest possible audience and I am excited for the global release of Gehraiyaan on Amazon Prime Video, through which the movie will reach viewers across the world. The experience of working with such a talented cast and creators is one that I will cherish forever. I look forward to how the viewers react to the movie.”

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