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Deepika’s Desperation To Strike It Out Abroad Cost Her The Majid Majidi Film

By A  Correspondent

There is no doubt that Deepika Padukone is at the top of her game. And we all know thatPadmavati will take her to another level of her career.

Then why the desperation to make a dent in global cinema? The entire episode pertaining to the shooting marketing and release of the  Mastani actress’ first international foray in XXX The Return Of Xander Cage smacked of unnecessary eagerness to woo and win the West. After all the flirting with the film’s leading man Vin Diesel including confessions that she would like to have his babies(really!) Deepika’s performance was lukewarmly received  in the West.

Sensing that she was not making the desired impact, Deepika’s team jumped in with another international announcement.

Prematurely, as it happened to be.

Foolishly her team circulated audition pictures shot for Iranian maverick director MajidMajidi’s Beyond The Clouds.The marketing manoeuvre cost Padukone a chance to work with one of the world’s finest  filmmakers.

Says a source very close to the development, “Deepika was THIS close to getting the part. But when the pictures from her screen test made it into the press she lost the opportunity.”

There is a lesson here for the devastatingly beautiful actress. Please don’t jump the gun. Please curb your overzealous marketing team from ruining your chances.Also, why crave for success in the West when you have it all here?


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