Deepika’s Ranbir Tattoo Removed? No Just Covered By Makeup, say Friends


There hasbeen alot of speculation regarding the seemingdisappearanceofthe Ranbir tattoo that has been adorning theback ofDeepikaPadukones neck for years now.

Suddenly at Cannes it wasno longer visible.

So hasit been surgically removed?

No, says asource in theknow. Its there.Just covered withclever makeup.Deepikadoesnt plan to remove the tattoo at all. It islikely to remain on her neck for keepsas a reminderof her past impulses.

There was somediscussion among thePadukoneclan aboutaltering thetattoo from Ranbir to Ranveer.

ButDeepikahasshot down theidea.

Yeah itsRanveerSingh(in her life) now. But who knowsabouttomorrow? says a friendofthe actress.

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