Delhi heat takes a toll on Zindagi Ki Mehek star Aanchal Khurana


Zindagi Ki Mehek star shoots for the show despite being unwell

 Zee TV’s popular primetime fiction show, Zindagi Ki Mehek is a beautiful love story between a simple yet talented chef Mehek and a rich, successful restaurateur Shaurya Khanna whose love gives them the strength to conquer the many hurdles that they face. Aanchal Khurana, who has recently joined the cast of the show, essays the role of Anjali a girl who has grown up in an NGO and is Shaurya’s (Karan Vohra) step-sister and Karuna’s (Rajshree Seem) daughter. After seeing her long-lost father on TV, Anjali finds her way to the Khanna mansion where drama unfolds when her true identity is revealed. Filmed in Delhi, Zindagi Ki Mehek has become a landmark show with a strong fan-following. But it sure looks like the city’s temperatures have begun to take a toll on a few of its cast members – actor Aanchal Khurana the most!

 With the temperature in the capital city touching 35-36 degrees Celsius every day, the heat has become a concern for not only the city’s residents but also the cast of Zee TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek which is filmed extensively in the city. Aanchal, who has recently joined the team, was shooting for an elaborate dance sequence on the show, where she runs away from her house to a desi wine shop, gets drunk and begins dancing to a Bhojpuri song on the road. With the heatwave in Delhi causing dehydration, he multiple hours of shoot turned out to be quite an uphill task for the actor. In fact, the heat got to Aanchal after a point so much so that she was taken to a local clinic for rejuvenation. But, being a thorough professional, the actor was back on her feet in no time and returned to the sets later in the day to complete filming the sequence.

 Commenting on this incident Aanchal said, “The temperatures in Delhi are soaring and getting worse by the day. The heat levels have been taking a toll on a lot of us, hence it’s extremely important to remain hydrated all the time. While I felt uncomfortable because of the heat, I love my job and understood the importance of returning to work so that the episode could be completed on time.”

 Let’s hope that Delhi’s temperature cools down a little and Aanchal’s health issues disappear!

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