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Demon Slayer Slays Japanese Boxoffice



Demon Slayer Slays Japanese Boxoffice 4

 Even as  the Indian  boxoffice limps  back to restoration,normalcy seems  like  a distant dream. Even  the American boxoffice  has not shown any encouraging signs  after the Covid19 lockdown  with  big-budgeted  films  like  Tenet and Mulan brutally under-performing ,Japan has shown the way.

An animation film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba THe Movie Mugen Train has broken  all records. This, during these  times of the  Covid  is  no  small achievement.

It just goes to show that winning  back the audiences’  confidence  is  not  such an impossible task.All we  need  is  to get the  audience interested. In this  season of demon slaying (when Ravana is  vanquished by Rama) we need a Demon Slayer to save theatres from  destruction.

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