Devgan &  Director Amit Sharma Require A Year To Prep For Sports Bio-pic

After  the   grand  success of  Badhaai Ho, director Amit Sharma is  all set to  bring to the screen  the fruits  of  his most ambitious dreams.

Amit will now direct a bio-pic on football player and coach Syed Abdul  Rahim. Often called the founding father  of  Indian football, Rahim was a champion  player but also a very influential coach.

Amit says it’s a dream-come-true to direct  a bio-pic on this unsung hero. “I always wanted  to do a sports  film and a  bio-pic. By choosing to do a  film on Syed Abdul Rahim I’ll be able to  fulfil  both  ambitions  in  one project.”

Ajay Devgan  has been  chosen to play  the distinguished  hero,  and much football practice is expected to be  on the  actor and  director’s timetable in  the coming months.

Explains Amit, “I firmly  believe  you  can’t be a swimmer unless  you plunge  into the water. If I am  making a film on football, I have to be  good at the game.I’ve begun practising my football  on  a very disciplined level.”

Ajay Devgan too  is expected to get his kicks  organized  on the football field in  the  coming months.

 The  film’s  actual shooting is expected  to take off in mid-2019.

Explains Amit, “The research and  the football practice  will take time. Then  the film is  a period drama  covering the  decades from 1900  to 1960. A lot of research would have to go into getting the  mood and  setting right.”

The  yet-untitled film  will be  produced by Boney Kapoor with whom Amit shares  a warm relationship. “He produced  my first  film. I was  a known name in the ad films. He  persuaded me to direct Tevar . Though  the  film didn’t do all that well I am proud of  it. Many people I respect  told me it wasn’t like the  usual commercial film.”

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