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Devil May Care…Is Ranbir Having Second Thoughts About Sandeep Vanga’s Devil?



Ranbir  Kapoor is Sandeep Vanga’s choice  for  his  next  Hindi venture Devil. However one hears that Ranbir has second thoughts  about playing a  character almost as dark as Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

A  source  close  to Ranbir inform, “Ranbir loves the script. It’s dark,crazy and  unpredictable.  But  is this  a good time to go crazy  on  the  audience?  Joker may be filling up the  theatres. But look at how much hatred its is garnering  from responsible sections of  society all over the world.”

Lest we  forget, Sandeep Vanga’s last release  Kabir Khan attracted  a huge amount of flak for its hero’s  misogyny.

Ranbir, we hear, is in no mood to do a dark negative character at this  juncture. Vanga may have to go to another actor  with Devil.

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