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Dhamaka Trends In Top 5 Worldwide For 2 Weeks




Netflix’s Kartik Aaryan-helmed  feature film  Dhamaka has gathered tremendous praise, love from viewers for its gripping storyline and spectacular performance by the cast. Since its release  on December 19, Dhamaka has been trending in the Top 5 Non English Films worldwide on Netflix.

Dhamaka was watched for 4.8 million hours from November 22- November 28, 2021 on Netflix. The film has been trending in the top 10 in films in 10 countries on Netflix including India, UAE, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

On the success of Dhamaka, director Ram Madhvani, said, “Dhamaka is a film that I hold very close to my heart, I am very grateful to my actors and how they have put in their everything to do justice to their roles and to work around our unconventional methods of the shoot, that we call system 360 degrees. All the actors performed extraordinarily and every member working behind the camera has given their all to this film. It was overwhelming to have the film trend as one of the top titles post its launch on Netflix. I will cherish the love and appreciation it has received from the critics and all the audiences across the world.”

Dhamaka’s  leading man  Kartik Aaryan is over the  moon. “I am extremely happy to see the response to my performance in Dhamaka. I was looking for a role that was something different from what I had done before and this was exactly that! Dhamaka is a unique story of ambitions and how far one will go to change their life. It will compel you to always think while making decisions that ‘Aap ne apni zindagi mein kya khoya, aur kya paaya’. To see the international level where this story travelled – with it trending in the top 10 films in more than 10 countries including UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more along with it trending in the Top 5 Non English Films worldwide on Netflix is simply mind blowing!”

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