Dharmendra on Rekha’s Guest Apperances

Yamla Pagal Deewana Phir Se is the third film to bring Dharmendra and his two sons Sunny and Bobby together. This time all three head for Gujarat and the senior most Deol is not happy.

“Wahan ka climate achcha nahin hai,” he winks about the alcohol ban while his younger son assures him of jugaad.

This is an iconoclastic view of Dharmendra’s much-respected family and one that may not go down well with his fans who revere the senior Deol and respect his children for being chips off the old block.

To see them suddenly turn into a mischievous bunch of social misfits is amusing only to a point. In a country where actresses are trolled for not referring to iconic stars as ‘Sir’, how far can irreverence take a film that demystifies the Deols showing them as a fun family.

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The most interesting thing I saw in the trailer was … no, not Salman Khan. Not even Shatrughan Singha. But the reclusive Rekha who makes a rare appearance in a remixed version of the 1973 chartbuster Rafta rafta dekho aank meri ladi hai from the film Kahani Kismat Ki.

Rekha was Dharmendra’s leading lady in Kahani Kismat Ki. She returns to reprise the song with Dharmendra and he can’t stop singing her praises. “I only had to ask her, and she said yes. She has the highest regards for me and my family. Rekha has done any number of films with me, like Kartavya, Ghazab and of course Kahani Kismat Ki which was a big hit. When we recreated the song we thought of Rekha and how wonderful it would be to have her in a small appearance. She readily agreed.”

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