Dharmendra Turns A Year Younger


Bollywood’s most handsome hero of all times  turned  83 on December 8.

And  the ever-affable actor cannot stop being grateful  for the  gift of  life. “There are ailments  now and then. But touchwood, I am fine otherwise. It is all  because  of the love of my friends and fans. They’ve kept me  going all these  years.  Otherwise what am I? An ordinary mortal. I never  thought I’d become an actor.When I did, I never  thought I’d be  successful. But I was . Then I  thought  it’d be short-lived. But I am still here, surrounded by caring fans,  children, family and  friends.”

According to  reports  Dharamji’s elder son Sunny Deol now plans a film and a book on his father.

Shy as ever Dharamji says, “My children  love me. They are  always telling me that my story  needs  to be  told to the world. I’ve  toyed with the  idea of writing my biography. But something  holds me back. There are many incidents  and episodes in one’s life that are  not meant  for public consumption.”

Any  birthday wishes? “Yes, to see this world freed of violence and stress.Everyone should get the same love that I have been fortunate  enough to get in my lifetime.”

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