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Did Laxmmi ( Bomb) Consider Changing Akshay’s Name?



Did Laxmmi ( Bomb) Consider Changing Akshay’s Name? 6

Just a  day to go before the Akshay  Kumar starrer Laxmmi(nee Bomb) starts  streaming, and the  film is    being  talked about as  the  blockbuster  of  the year.Sources say  the  producers  of  Laxmmi are in a panic  as this is a  high-stakes  film. An Akshay Kumar starrer  is  a budgetryevent  and as the  first  Akshay film on the digital platform Laxmmi  has a responsibility  to the boxoffice.

 The  ostensibly offensive  title  Laxmmi  Bomb was truncated  to Laxmmi  to appease religious sentiments.

One now  hears  the  producers were   toying with the idea  of a last-minute name-change for  Akshay  Kumar’s  character. In the  film he is called by the  Muslim name Asif and  the  heroine Kiara Advani is known as Priya. This according to  some right-wing elements amounts to  love-jihad  relationship.

“Rather than risk it , they thought  of   doing  some more  of  the   appeasement thing,and change  Akshay’s name ,”  says a  source in  the know. However  better sense  prevailed and Akshay is  still Asif  in Laxmmi. No  more  dropping of  a bomb.