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Did Rhea Chakraborty Stop Sushant’s Family From Communicating With Him?

A  lot of text messages allegedly exchanged between Sushant’s family members  and  members  of his staff  doing the rounds on  the internet suggest that he  was being deliberately kept  away from his family by Rhea.

 However  the authenticity of these messages are  questionable.

Also,  if  Sushant’s family  felt he was being   under pressure  from  Rhea  and  that his life was in danger  why didn’t they act  immediately and  urgently and  whisk him  home  , as any concerned  family would do?

A  source close to Rhea  defends her  behaviour saying, “Everything  she did appears suspicious  only in hindsight.  Otherwise dominating  your  partner  or taking control of his  or her life and using his  or her  credit cards, is  not  an uncommon thing in   live-in relationships.”

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Another point  worth considering is, why is she being nailed down by everyone  showing solidarity with  Sushant,  as  the  culprit?The villain of  the piece. The killer in  the  whodunit.

What happened to a fair trial?


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