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Dilijt Dosanjh On Theatres Pe Covid Bhari



Dilijt Dosanjh On Theatres Pe Covid Bhari 12

Although  Diljit Dosanjh is  very happy that his comedy Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari is  released  in movie theatres, he  wonders  if the public will return to  theatres with the pandemic  still prevalent. “We are a  movie-loving country. Lekin jaan zyada pari hai(but we love life more than movies). I wonder  if people would take the risk!” wonders Diljit.

Diljit who was  out of  the country for  six months  had no idea  about  the  release plans for SurajPe  Mangal  Bhari.  “We completed the shooting in March 2020 just before the lockdown. After that  I was in the  US. I  came to know it was  going to have a  digital release when I  suddenly heard  about the theatrical release.I am very happy that  our film is breaking  the lockdowndeadlock. Let’s see how it goes.”

Diljit says he had loads of fun  shooting the  film. “Manoj  Bajpai Sir is such a senior actor. But he  didn’t make me feel like a  junior for even  a  minute. I got to learn so much working with him.”

Diljit enjoys  working in light-hearted  films. “But I  don’t want to  be typecast in comedy roles. I want to  be known for  all kinds of roles. Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari gave me  a chance  to work  with some  really talented actors. I am  just a beginner as  an actor. Everyone  was  more experienced on the set than me.”

 While  Diljit was  in the  US  he recorded  a new  music album.  “I have been singing and acting for ten years. Singing remains my first love.  I can live without acting.  But I can’t  live without singing. My live concerts are my lifeline.When  I’m there  on stage  I feel  the direct and immediate love of my fans. On stage  when I  perform I feel I am communicating with my audience. It’s a feeling that  no other form of  expression  can replace.”

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