Dilip Kumar Is Down With Bronchial Pneumonia, “Please Pray,” Says Saira Banu

The legendary Dilip Kumar who  has been in and out of  hospital for some years now, is again unwell, this time  with bronchial pneumonia.

Worried and yet in  control of the  situation the Thespian’s devoted wife Saira Banu said, “Yusuf Saab is on intravenous.It’s bronchial pneumonia.Please pray that he gets well.”

When told of  her infinite patience in dealing with a spouse who has been unwell for so many years Sairaji bursts out, “What are you saying? I am blessed to get the opportunity to look after him for as long as I can. To be able  to have him near me, to touch his hand, to feel his presence is a  boon and a blessing. He could have married anyone, any woman he wanted. He chose me. I consider myself very fortunate. I always call him the Kohinoor of the film industry. I am lucky to be so close to him for so many years. I couldn’t have chosen a better life. I can’t imagine any other life for me.”

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