Dilip Kumar In Very Poor Health

Dua and davaa are  what are keeping the Thespian  Dilip Kumar alive.

According to a well-informed source the Thespian is  all but lost to the world. “He cannot recognize anyone, sometimes  not even his own wife Sairaji.  He can  no longer walk, or speak. He has to be carried to the bathroom. For all  practical purposes he’s oblivious to the world.”

According to the source keeping the “national treasure” somehow alive  is an obsession  for the  Thespian’s wife.

Says  a very close friend of  the couple, “It is true Yusuf Saab(Dilip Kumar) doesn’t talk or recognize anyone. He has been this way  for ten years now.But Sairaji is spending all her savings in keeping him alive. She has  nothing else  to  live for.”

Scary situation, this. One hopes India’s greatest  actor would soon be  allowed  to  go in peace.

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