Dilip Mehta’s Documentary On  Sunny Leone Premieres At The Toronto Film Festival

Dilip Mehta’s extensively researched documentary  on Sunny Leone premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Says Mehta excitedly, “My film MOSTLY SUNNY celebrates Sunny Leone’s extraordinary journey from porn to dizzy heights of Bollywood .The World Premiere of which
is on September 11th at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.”

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Dilip was approached by a Canadian production house for the documentary on Sunny Leone whom he admits he knew little about. “My knowledge of her, and her antecedents were sketchy at best, I knew the storyline was riveting .It was a story that was compelling and one that had to be told.”

Dilip met Sunny about two years ago. “I had already said yes to the Producer and to size each other up Sunny, her husband Daniel and I met at the Juhu Marriott in Mumbai. Our lunch meeting was a prolonged one where Sunny and I both vented but by and large we were pretty much on the same page to make a no- holds-barred documentary on this new phenomenon on the Bollywood horizon.”

Once Ms Leone agreed to the documentary she opened all the doors to hear heart to Mehta. “Over the course of one year in the making of our film I can’t recall a single incident when Sunny asked us to switch off the camera. She gave us unfettered access to her film sets, the making of music videos such as ‘Pink Lips’ amongst others, and to her family, friends and Team Sunny. It’s as though we were joined at the hips.”

What emerges in the wonderful documentary is the portrait of a woman who is not the least apologetic about her past.

Says Mehta, “I look upon Sunny Leone’s journey with awe and shameless admiration. Most of us tend to carry baggage from our past that we somehow want to shed. Sunny on the other hand appears to be amongst a handful of people who seemingly has no regret of her life journey. She is non-evasive of her past avatar as an adult entertainer and of the choices that made her a hugely successful part of a multi-billion dollar industry , and it’s not as though I’m sharing a previously untold secret with you .Almost unfailingly in all the interviews to Indian and international media she doesn’t shy away from her previous career choices, although she does firmly reiterate that the past is the past.”

Added  Sunny Leone, “I agreed to do this documentary on the pre-condition  that it will reveal  the truth. In the documentary people will get to know who I really am and what I feel people . My story and my journey will be shared with everyone and I am fine with that.”


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