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Diljit Dosanjh Faces Flop After Historic Hit



 The boxoffice collections of Diljit Dosanjh’s new Hindi comedy Arjun Patiala are abysmal and shameful, to say the least.

And the one most upset with this turn of events is  Dosanjh. The Punjabi superstar has just delivered  the Punjabi blockbuster Shadaa which is  said to be the biggest  success  in Punjabi  cinema.

 To have  a whimper  like Arjun Patiala coming so quickly after Shadaa is  not what  Dilijit wanted.

According to  a well-informed source  Dosanjh  knew things had  gone wrong in Arjun Patiala. “This is why  the film’s release  got  postponed twice. T Series who have  co-produced  the film never  wanted to release ArjunPatiala in the theatres. They wanted to take it straight to the steaming platform. But co-producer Dinesh Vijanwould  hear  none  of it.He  insisted that the  film get a proper theatrical release,” says  the source.

 T Series faces  heavy losses as  the  film’s  opening cannot even cover theatrical rent expenses. The  hardest hit is Diljit Dosanjh whose branding  has suffered a serious  setback after the crippling snub it got from the audience.

Putting  up a brave front Dosanjh says, “Ups and downs are a part  of life, as well as  one’s career. I’ve no  regrets  about Arjun Patiala. It was  fun to shoot. Irrespective  of  hit or flop, no one can take  away  the happiness that I experienced  shooting it.”

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