Director Prawaal Raman wins silver dolphin award!

Prawaal Raman bags the silver dolphin trophy at prestigious Cannes corporate media and tv awards  for his  touching short-film A global company  NIHILENT TECHNOLOGIES , -“

THE SHORT ” love you papa ”  won the silver dolphin in the corporate image film category

at  the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards amongst 1000 + entries from across the world.

The film written and directed by Prawaal and shot by Jim Edgar and Savita Singh showcases  how an idea is the very tool to see the future

Says  Prawaal, “It’s a tale about a father, who notices his young daughter’s passion for filmmaking and how he identifies her  potential at a young age and encourages and supports her to turn her passion into a profession ..As a guide with a vision of her future”

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards is an international festival dedicated to corporate films, online media and TV productions, and takes place every October in Cannes, France. The first edition took place in 2010, and the festival is often referred to as one of the most important festivals in the corporate film industry.

Prawaal shares that it was his father, who is his inspiration, he says, “”I give credit to my dad, Revati Raman and uncleAmod Kant for being the men behind the thought. They are the  inspiration for me to become a filmmaker and make this film and all the dads who see their kids as independent individuals and help them nourish their dreams. My dad  never compared me with the other kids who were brilliant in maths / science. Instead he encouraged me to pursue my interest,namely films. From buying me cameras to small 8 mm projectors to letting me narrate stories I used to write,I felt that for a child a freedom to dream  is important but most important is the correct guidance and support from the parents in pursuing the dreams of their child ! ”

The main actress of the winning short  film Madalina Bellariu  collected the award

Actress Madalina bellariu saaid from Cannes ” When Prawaal narrated the concept , it was beautiful and since it was actually an emotional short film with scope for performance I immediately said yes to my agent .Prawaal is a fantastic director and today it’s not a surprise that I’m here at Cannes collecting the award for the same short film for all our efforts”

When I asked the director how did he venture into corporate film, he says, “When the company vice chairman/ CEO Mr LC singh discussed the idea of creating a film showcasing the ideology  for a global integrated change management company, I was quite thrilled as it was an interesting challenge for me to venture.The basic theme is about evolving ideas and foreseeing the future for a better tomorrow. My film also showcases the beauty of a girl child and her achievements.”

Prawaal spoke about what is the crux of the story. “The quote Kahil Gibran had written in his book The Prophet. ‘Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself’.It’s always important that the parents  need to identify the child’s interest and let the child live the dream .,It’s just a support and encouragement which can shape up the kids future.The herd mentality of competition of academic supremacy amongst kids or for that matter amongst parents is the wrong approach ..A child is born through you but is an independent existence and needs to be respected to have the independence of choice in the professional field too .An artistic kid might be forced to be an engineer .But it’s actually emotionally damaging his whole life ..

Madalina Bellariu adds “My mother and father did encourage me to dream and support me in my decision to be an actress .It’s only because they trusted my dreams that today I m an actress .They see happiness in my eyes and that is their biggest reward .I could have been a lawyer if they would have stopped me from dreaming , but will they ever be able to experience my happiness where my profession is my passion , not a job ”

Adds Prawaal,  “I am thankful to Aditya Shastri of 5th Dimension for initiating the project , Cyrus Patel of UK Eastern Vibe Production and Jim Edgar and Savita Singh for the brilliant cinematography . I thank the he actors Madalina , Raj Singh Choudhary & Sara ARJUN  and of course Mr LC Singh from Nihilent for having such a revolutionary approach towards making corporate films.It could’ve been the story of a father and a son.I did not go with the son. I believe that girls are doing  far better than boys and I wish a time when we discuss men and their struggle for equality with women

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