Director Of Stunning Film On Honor Killing Threatened & Abused

Debutant director Rahul Dahiya’s whose hardhitting film G Kutta Se on the gruesome custom of ‘honour killing’ in Haryana  is ready for release on June 16, is a victim of the worst possible  threats and slander on Facebook.

Apparently sections of the Jat community have taken severe  offence to the content of the trailer and have begun a sustained campaign to bully intimidate and shame the director with slanderous videos(viewed by this writer)  that are targeted not just at Dahia  but his entire family.

Says Dahia, “It all started when we began our film’s marketing campaign. We  refused to give over our Facebook campaign to a particular party. In retaliation they began targeting our film . The word soon spread like wildfire that our film slanders the Jat community.”

A random dialogue from the trailer was picked up to prove that Dahia meant to vilify the Jat community.This is when the hate-campaign intensified.

“Almost every day they post  nasty obscene videos about not just me but also my family.My sister is not spared either.Now, they’ve found out the name  of my village in Haryana and are targeting their wrath at my extended family,” says Dahia who sees these hate-mongers as  the rogue element of our society.

“They say they’ll come and  get me.They are mostly jobless aimless young people spreading venom because they’ve nothing better to do. I want to ask these hate-mongers who are  ripping my film,my family and me apart, what do you do  know about my film G Kutta Se? Have you seen the film? Your pretended perception is based on a few shots in the trailer. My film mirrors a truth , albeit an ugly horrible truth about our society.Accept it or reject . But first see it. And don’t target my sister for slander just because you don’t like what I did.”

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