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Disha-Tiger Split Reports Are False



For a week now reports of Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani’s split has been going around .And there is a reason why neither has reacted .

A source very close the couple calls this a ploy “to bring them out”

“Disha and Tiger have not acknowledged their relationship verbally in public. So if officially, they aren’t seeing each other, how can they split?” reasons the source, and adds that the couple is not going to fall for this ruse.

“It is the oldest trick in the book of entertainment journalism. To bring a couple out of hiding by saying they’ve split. Tiger and Disha are fine together. They are what they are together. They have no intentions of talking about their relationship,” says the source which is very close to the couple.

Close friends say the couple is doing just fine.

“Tiger is extremely busy with his career. Disha’s career is now taking off. So no two guesses about what their primary focus in life is at the moment. Like any working-class couple, they find it difficult to find time for one another. But that doesn’t mean they DON’T find time to be together.They do meet for dinners and vacations , but it’s tough to synchronize their times together. But they are comfortable enough with one another to understand each other’s need to focus on their respective careers. Who knows where their relationship will go in the future? At the moment, they are doing just fine,” analyzes a source close to the couple.

As for Tiger himself, here’s what he has to say, “We are what we are.We share a friendship that is clearly visible to the public. Everyone is free to draw their own inferences.”

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