Do Karan Wahi, Elnaaz Norouzi Play Salman-Katrina In Sacred Games?


While the new Netflix series Sacred Games is being talked about for many  reasons not many have noticed that the spoilt brattish movie star Karan Malhotra(played by Karan Wahi) and his   clever manipulative  girlfriend star Zoya Mirza(Elnaz Norouzi) seem to be based on SalmanKhan and  Katrina Kaif.

As  played by Wahi , the  bratty superstar  Karan  Malhotra is so possessive of his girlfriend that he doesn’t allow her to work with other heroes. In a sequence he  boasts of how he has gotten her expelled  from  a  film with ‘Ranbir’ and that she better busy herself doing a film with Karan that has just been offered to her.

The steely cold-war  between Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor is well-known in the entertainment industry,

 At one  point in the  series Zoya is seen with  bruise marks on  her face  seeking sympathy from a senior cop (played by Neeraj Kabi). When the cop offers to help, Zoya says , “Nothing can be down. He once  killed two people in a  hit-and-run accident. Nothing happened.”

This  plot point harks back to Salman’s infamous hit-and-run case.

While no  one from  the film’s team was willing to  shed light on this star and his girlfriend’s actual identity a  close friend  of Salman says, “I saw Sacred Games. There are definite Salman-Katrina parallels in the roles played by Karan Wahi and the firangi actress. But  I think it’s just a random reference included to spice up the plot. Not  a specific Salman replica.”

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