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Dobaara To  Be  Shown To Oculus Director



Prawaal Raman whose track record in directing supernatural thrillers  dates back the brilliant and underrated 404 Error Not Found, also Darna Manaa Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai is all set unleash a new level of chills in his new film Dobaara .

The  film is an official remake of the highly regarded British  director Mike Flanagan’s eerie excursion Oculus.

But we simply have to see what Prawaal has done to Oculus! It would be no exaggeration  to say that the desiversion irons put all the rough edges and cleans  out all the rough spots to re-energize a  brilliant supernatural  thriller .

And  to cast the real-life siblings Huma Qureshi and Salim Saqib  is a stroke of genius. Since the film is about siblings revisiting their chilling past an immediate connectivity is established between the real-life siblings, the characters they play and the audience. It is to be noted that in the original film the two actors playing the siblings were not related in any way.

And that is  not the only detail on which Prawaal Raman has parted from the original.

“There are any number of themes issues topics and episodes from Oculus that I’ve subverted  in Dobaara. For me there is no point in doing a remake  unless I  can take  the original to a different shore. And that’s exactly what I’ve done here. I am  sure Mike Flanagan would find it hard to recognize Oculus in Dobaara,” says PrawaalRaman.

Flanagan has already tweeted his appreciation  of the trailer of Dobaara. He will now be watching the film as soon as it’s ready.

What would Prawaal feel if Flanagan found the remake to be  an improvement on the original?

“I’d take that as a success. Because remaking a film is to me a process of deconstruction and reconstruction not a faithful replication,” says Prawaal

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